World Marketing Summit 2014


The World Marketing Summit started as a dream that we could build a better world with the help of marketing.  Marketing thinking helped us build a middle class around the world and now it can help us build a better world.

Marketing is an action science that uses its insights about human behavior to create satisfying products, services and experiences.  Marketers developed  a new branch of marketing called Social Marketing that applies marketing ideas to alleviating social problems.  Marketing can encourage people to give up smoking, to say no to hard drugs, to exercise more often, eat more nutritiously, and change their behavior in ways that benefit them, their family, their peers, and the society itself.

The first WMS took place in Bangladesh March 1-3, 2012 with 60 speakers and 4,000 in attendance.  The second WMS took place in Kuala Lumpur September 28-30, 2013.

Due to unexpected unrest in Thailand, WMS 2014 will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan on September 24 to 25, 2014.

WMS 2014 will focus on:

•             Innovation through marketing

•             Social media and marketing

•             Marketing in emerging markets

•             Diversity and marketing

The WMS in Japan is a vision and long-term strategy to connect Asia with the world. Together – with world-class thinkers, corporate captains and social change leaders, it will create new paradigm shifts and make a significant, measurable and long term impact on the most critical issues facing society and mankind. WMS 2014 will unite in translating corporate CSR initiatives though innovative marketing stratagem into global solutions that reflects corporate aspirations and commitment to the nation, communities we serve and the global market place.

World Marketing Summit Council Japan with World Marketing Summit Group, Canada and Kotler Impact Inc., world-class speakers, support of lead organizations, Ministries, International Chambers of Commerce and the United Nations complemented by the leading local and international media amongst others ensure that this event will be in the global focus and receive extensive international coverage and be in the regional public spotlight.

Together – We Can Make a Positive Difference!

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