Mind Your Marketing

‘Mind Your Marketing’ is an exclusive journal by teams of Kotler Impact & World Marketing Summit.┬áThe journal publishes articles, cases, and book reviews by leading academicians, researchers and business thought leaders and other professionals working in the areas of, but not limited to, marketing, research, strategy, communication, pricing, distribution, sales, income generation and leadership, etc.

The purpose of the journal is to be the source of thought provoking new and original ideas from around the world. It is to guide professionals on achieving sustainable business growth via modern effective techniques. It further emphasizes on deeper causal relationships between different aspects of businesses such as income generation and distribution, social interventions and impacts, productivity and empowerment and values and lifestyles etc. that may have impact on overall quality of lives in shaping the world for future.

We decide to include one article in every volume by young student. Send your queries to info@kotlerimpact.com