WMS 2015 Japan

Theme: “Winning Global Markets and Operating Responsibly in a Digitally Connected World.”

WMS 2015 – Program Day 1: Oct 13, 2015


0930 - 1000

Opening Remarks
Speech by Mr. Goto, Chairman of JMA
Speech by Mr. Takaoka, President of WMS Council

1000 - 1030

Key note by Philip Kotler, Distinguished Marketing Professor, Kellogg School of Management


Theme 1: Winning with Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kohzoh Takaoka, CEO of Nestle Japan, and leading marketing strategist

Mark Templin, EVP Lexus International, Marketing Specialist

Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, Serial Entrepreneur and Expert on entrepreneurship

Rob Wolcott, Head of the Kellogg Innovation network, leading expert on innovation




Theme 2: Exploiting the Digital Marketing Revolution
Manabu Miyasaka, CEO of Yahoo Japan

Shoichiro Iwata, CEO of ASKUL

Mohan Sawhney, professor at Kellogg School of Management, leading expert on innovation and technology, and author

Tatsuro Kurisaka, SoftBank Mobile Corp. Vice President, Advertisement

Moderator: TBD


Coffee Break


Theme 3: Launching Successful New Products and Services in Digitally connected world

Paul Yonamine, President of IBM Japan

Tom Kuczmarski, President, Kuczmarski Innovation; Senior Lecturer, Kellogg School of Management; Co-Founder of The Chicago Innovation Awards, and author

Glen Urban, former dean of M.I.T.’s School of Business, leading expert on innovation, and author.

Karim Temsamani, President, APAC Operations of Google

Moderator: Mr. Naoshi Takatsu, Representative of IMD Japan


Short Break


Theme 4: Diversity in Marketing

Fulvio Guarneri, CEO of Unilever Japan

Saad Andleeb, Vice Chancellor, BRAC University

Ms. Kaori Sasaki, CEO of ewoman Inc.

Moderator: Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji, Chief Marketing Innovator, Accenture Japan


Announcement of Kotler Business Program

Interactive Session

Maximum Capacity (100 attendees)


Kevin Keller: “Sensory marketing (or Branding)”


Prof. Kotler: “Confronting Capitalism”

WMS 2015 – Program Day 2: Oct 14, 2015



Theme 5: Comparing Competing Growth Strategies in Emerging Markets

Milton Kotler, CEO of Kotler Marketing, expert on China, mergers and acquisitions, city marketing, and author

Walter Vieira, Indian consultant, expert on marketing and sales, author of several books

Hermawan Kartajaya, CEO of MarkPlus, leading Indonesian marketing firm, expert on marketing strategy, author of several books

Joey Reimann, CEO of Brighthouse, and leading expert on finding Master Ideas, and author

Moderator: Mr. Marc Oliver, Marketing professor Luebeck University


Short Break


Theme 6: Moving to Corporate Social Responsibility as the Next Stage for Company Success

Raj Sisodia, marketing professor and head of Conscious Capitalism movement, and author

Tadahiro Yoshida, Chairman & CEO –YKK Japan

Melanie C. Kohli, Corporate Affairs Group Head, Executive Officer of Nestlé Japan

Ira Kaufman, Marketing Expert on Social Media & Marketing

Moderator: Prof. Syed Saad Andleeb- Professor of Marketing. Penn State University, USA




Theme 7: New Developments in Marketing Management

Kevin Keller, professor at Dartmouth’s School of Business, leading expert on branding, and Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute, and author.

Martha Rogers, Founder Emerita, Peppers & Rogers Group, & Adjunct Professor Fuqua Business School

Andy Zoltners, CEO, ZS, and professor emeritus Kellogg School of Management, and author of three books

V. Kumar, distinguished marketing professor, Georgia State University, leader in marketing strategy, author

Linden Brown, Australian marketing consultant, expert on measuring Customer Culture

Moderator: Mr. Rob Wolcott, head of the Kellogg Innovation network


Coffee Break


Theme 8: Strategies for Competing Effectively in 2015-2020

Professor P. Kotler

Dr. Hermann Simon, major business consultant, leading expert on niching and pricing, and author

Professor Don Schultz, Northwestern University, expert on competitive marketing

Kohzoh Takaoka, CEO of Nestle Japan, and leading marketing strategist

Moderator: Mr. Naoshi Takatsu, Representative of IMD Japan

Interactive Session

Maximum Capacity (100 attendees)


Don Schultz: “Marketing model in the 21st century”


Prof. Kotler, Prof. Sisodia, Ira Kaufman: “From 4Ps to 4C/4Ws”

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